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Back running again, I decided to try a progressive 8 miler for several reasons; to see if I could control the pace (no matter what it was!), to see if I could 'improve' in a training run on Sunday's performance, but mainly just to get out there and enjoy an early morning run :-)


I was on the road by a relatively late 05:45 and I started off at a painfully slow pace of 8:30 min/mile.

I had to keep reminding myself that whilst I retain some speed, it's my endurance that has gone!

You can see a log here. I only managed 6 miles in a controlled manner. I then stopped to get some water (already 1.5 litres since getting up), walked a mile, then jogged the final mile back in 8 mins.


Not much to report on the raw food front except I'm back into green smoothies big time and I managed to persuade a young chap who is travelling around Asia to try and start the day with fruit and greens. I think I was successful!


Planning my base traininig starting Monday :-)


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