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After an hiatus of over 3 months I am back on line :-)


It has been a weird start to the New Year.

December through to March is the season for racing in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The temperatures are bearable and there are races every weekend.


However since December last year I have been very busy work wise, travelling and working long hours and what with my new addition to the family I simply haven't had the time to focus on this blog/website. I also publish a daily financial newsletter; not enough hours in the day! My running was suffering too:-(


Just as I was regaining control in February, an old fruit tree decided to unexpectedly fall down on my head whilst on holiday in Pai!

I kid you not.






The irony wasn't lost on me ;-)


Anyway I woke up in agony in x-ray and my neck was in a brace for 10 days and my neck, back & shoulders were causing me a lot of pain.




As a typical bloke I felt very moribund and promptly ceased doing any form of exercise and started eating some cooked food along with alcohol :-(

Idiot ;-)


After four weeks I started running again.

Oh my Budhha! Whilst I still had some speed, my endurance was non existent.

After just 5 runs I ran in a '14k' Songkran race last Sunday; diabolical.

Only ~8 miles in 62 minutes! I thought I would be able to maintain sub 7:25 pace even without fitness/training. No chance!


So here we are. My rawrunning hiatus (still high raw but some cooked every other day) has cost me my fitness, my % body fat is up to 10% and my weight is 72kg! Plenty to work on ...


My immediate goals are to get back on track with raw food and running.

Since I have no immediate marathon plans I am going to enjoy the luxury of building a base for an Autumn marathon attempt.


Along the way there will be some races:


Phuket 10k/1/2m June 14th

Pattaya 1/2m July 19th

River Kwai 1/2m September 13th


More in the next few day's blogs on my new 80/10/10 style raw food regime and my plans re building a base and mentoring a friend, Ray, in his first marathon; sub 4 hours & before he's 50!


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