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Garmin 405


Lots of activity, I'm commuting by bike to my gym, braving Chiang Mai's traffic and annual pollution (from seasonal burning).


Not logged are plyometrics, weights, and some alternative cardio work (natural runners, stair climber etc.) and today's 6 miler on a treadmill (progressive, pseudo tempo; 1 mile 11.4kph, 1 mile 11.7kph, 500m 11.7kph, 1,100m 12.3kph, 1 mile 12.6kph & 1 mile 12.9kph).













I've got a 10.5k race on Sunday - it will be interesting to see how much out of shape I am!!!


I've been consuming plenty of green smoothies, green jucies and watermelon :-)


Raw Food consumed today:


Breakfast -

Lunch -

Evening Meal -

Snacks -


Cooked Food consumed today:


Breakfast -

Lunch -

Evening Meal -

Snacks -


Note - if there is nothing against either the Raw Food or Cooked Food consumed today meals, I haven't had a chance to update the info.

Honestly I do eat a lot!


Training/Exercise today:


Run - 6 miles tempo

Bike -

Gym - core

Yoga -

Swim -

Plyometrics -



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