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Goodbye to the 'noughties' ... welcome to the 'tens'


It's only arbitary measurement of time, but I'm glad that decade is over with.


One brother murdered in 2001, an attempted murder of my surviving brother in 2008 and the death of three of my grandparents :-(


However two angels joined my daughter Esme (1999) in the last decade; Phoebe (2001) and Evi (2008) :-)




I also went from a cooked food lard arse


cooked food lard arse



raw food runner


raw food runner


Recent retoxing (I'll be pathetic and blame it on work/stress) has allowed alcohol and cooked food to creep back into my life.


For the record I am now 11 stone 10 pounds and 13% fat (from 10 stone 6 pounds and 6-8% fat)!


My immediate goal is to lose a stone and get back below 10% fat.

I have the Koh Samui 1/2 marathon approaching (28th Feb), plus some local races to get me into shape :-)


Here's my training plan:


Koh Samui Half Marathon Training Plan


Raw cheers to you all in the New Year!


Raw Food consumed today:


Breakfast - 0.5 litres of green juice, 1 large banana

Lunch - large mixed salad, young coconut water

Evening Meal -

Snacks - 1 green apple, 2 large bananas, papaya/ginger/banana smoothie


Note - if there is nothing against either the Raw Food consumed today meals (or Cooked Food), I haven't had a chance to update the info.

Honestly I do eat a lot!


Cooked Food consumed today:


Breakfast -

Lunch - steamed pumpkin

Evening Meal -

Snacks - 2 cups oolong tea


Training/Exercise today:


Run -

Bike -

Gym -

Yoga -

Swim -

Plyometrics -



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