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Raw Food Marathon Day Twenty Two



Today's intervals were fairly easy. The 4:10 min pace for 1km is comfortable (based on a 3:30 marathon goal time). Next week should get harder as I start training at 3:20 marathon finish. I had to cut the warm-up/down in half. New Dad duties and all that :-)



Although the pace was slower than I can handle, the key is the recovery interval. FIRST have recoveries from 2 mins through to 4 mins which seems excessive. Coach prefers to reduce the recovery time if the pace feels easy. I'm averaging about 1:15 for 200m. Reducing the time down to 1 minute is something for me to consider if future intervals appear easy (towards the end).


Raw Food consumed today:


Breakfast - 4 organic bananas, 1 green apple, 1 pear

Lunch - 1 large guava, 1 litre of passion fruit blended with water, 3 small durian segments

Evening Meal - 2 bananas, 1/2 cup blueberries, 4 apples juiced, 2 tablespoons Vitaminieral Green powder & 2 tablespoons Yoah Hemp Protein powder smoothie, 6 large organic bananas, 4 medjool dates & 6 prunes

Snacks - peppermint tea


Training/Exercise today:


Run - 8 km

Bike -

Gym -

Yoga -



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