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Raw Food Marathon Day Eleven

After failing to get my Garmin 305 repaired over the last 3 months I decided to buy a new GPS gadget.

I wasn't intending on buying another Garmin. However I was limited for choice, either another 305 or the new 405 model.

I opted for the 405. I don't think it justifies the increased price over the 305, but given my last one broke ...


Just in time for my 2 hour run tomorrow. The program calls for 15 miles, but given where I'm at fitness wise, I think 2 hours (~14 miles) out and back will be fine. Earlier this year I was running 1:35 for the 1/2M (in training). It seems so far away right now! Patience.


I'll upload the data to MotionBased and eventually to Garmin's new Connect website.


Raw Food consumed today:


Breakfast - Large organic carrot/beetroot/romaine lettuce juice

Lunch - 2 Large spinach,kale,cucumber,parsley,bok-choi,apple juices, 2 bananas,bok-choi,blueberries,green-powder,hemp-protein-powder,young-coconut-water large smoothie

Evening Meal - 2 organic bananas, 4 mejdool dates, 2 passion fruits, 1/3 pineapple, 6 prunes. Salad; 1 organic romaine lettuce, 12 medium tomatoes, 1 cucumber, 3 organic spring onions, 1/4 sun-dried tomatoes, 1 bunch parsley, 1 stalk celery, 1/2 red pepper, sprinkle dulse flakes, raw apple cider vinegar (not a common addition), 10 almonds, 6 cashews.

Snacks - 8 segments of organic pomelo, 8 medium tomatoes, 1 camomile tea


Training/Exercise today:


Run -

Bike - 5 miles

Gym - FIRST Six essential exercises

Yoga -



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