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Raw Food Marathon Day One

Today I started a 16 week training program for the 100th anniversary of the Hastings Marathon (December 14th).

I still haven't built up a decent mileage base which is a bit of a concern, so today was an easy 8 miler which I ran really slowly at an average 8:11 min/mile pace! I think these first couple of weeks are going to be much harder than they should be simply because I'm out of condition and still recovering from my fever/illness last week. My muscles still ache from an over enthusiastic gym session on Saturday, despite the best efforts of some yoga yesterday to ease the DOMS. I think a massage beckons today :-)


I will post my marathon plan in a few days, I'm still wating on an agreed final plan.


My body weight is currently 68.5 kg (10stone 11lbs) with 8.2% fat, 63% water.

My target stats by the end of 16 weeks is 66kg (10 stone 5lbs) and 6% fat.

Given I'm going to be doing weights twice a week, my weight may not vary much from where it is at now, in any case it's the % fat want to reduce. Hey it means I carry less useless weight which makes running easier ;-)


I am going to try and follow a 100% raw vegan diet, based mainly on Doug Graham's 80/10/10, with a couple of notable food exceptions:

  • Yoah Oragnic Raw Hemp protein powder (raw but not 80/10/10)
  • Organic and Wildcrafted Vitamineral Green powder (raw but not 80/10/10)
  • Raw honey (not strictly vegan, not whole either) if my Agave Nectar runs out
  • Kale/cucumber/celery etc. green juices (raw but not 80/10/10)
  • Teas; peppermint, oolong, red aged pu-erh etc.

And these supplements:

  • Vega B12 mega dose once a week, plus a normal daily dose every day
  • Arise and Shine's Liverlife 1 (milk thistle compound) once a day

On my long runs in the heat I will also take Arise and Shine's Electrolife (not vegan it contains goat's whey) and if my monthly blood tests warrant it a chelated iron supplement (I'm usually bordering on anaemic, not uncommon for marathon runners).


Other than that I will be adhering to the 80/10/10 dietary advice advocated by Doug Graham in keeping my fat intake low. I will occasionally do mono style meals, but I love smoothies too much to do it all the time.

I will however try and keep durain (30% fat calories) down to once a week!


Raw Food consumed today:


Breakfast - 2 organic bananas, 1 dragon fruit, 1 young coconut water, 2 heaped tablespoons of green powder & hemp protein powder smoothie

Lunch - 2 organic bananas, 2 passion fruit, 2 cups frozen cranberries & blueberries, handful spinach, agave syrup & 1heaped tablespoon of green powder smoothie

Evening Meal - 6 large organic tomatoes, 5 organic baby cucumbers, 3 organic cos lettuce, handful of alfalfa sprouts, handful parsley, 2 walnuts, water cress, 2 organic spring onions

Snacks - organic pomelo, beetroot/kale/cucumber/apple juice, 3 egg bananas, 6 prunes, 4 medjool dates, 1 green apple, peppermint & oolong tea


Training/Exercise today:


Run - 8 miles easy

Bike - 4 miles easy



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