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I've started the day today with a lemon tea and my favourite green drink VitamineralGreen ; it's raw and vegan and you can drink it just mixed with water.

Blackberries (from Guatemala) were reduced by 2/3 at my village supermarket, so I bought four punnets which I've just enjoyed for breakfast with a banana.

Leaving aside the mileage the fruit(s) have made, one thing that bugs me is what the hell are we (me) doing living in a climate such as the UK?

We are arboreal primates, we're supposed to be living in the tropics!


Is a raw food diet suitable for these cold climates?

There's only a little 'in season' fruit & greens one can eat at the moment in the UK.

Re the raw food diet being suitable the anwer is yes, but only with the help of fresh produce shipped in from around the world.


I also think hot herbal teas help too :-)


An easy 6.5 miler ahead of Sunday's Brighton half marathon.


Raw Food consumed today:


Breakfast -  vitamineral green powder drink, 4 blackberry punnets + one banana

Lunch - 3 large bananas, 1 small papaya & cup of rehydrated raisins

Evening Meal



Cooked Food consumed today:


Breakfast -

Lunch -

Evening Meal

Snacks - steamed greens with organic live goat's yoghurt & chilli


Note - if there is nothing against either the Raw Food or Cooked Food consumed today meals, I haven't had a chance to update the info.

Honestly I do eat a lot!


Training/Exercise today:



Bike -

Gym -

Yoga -

Swim -

Plyometrics -



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